to field recordings gathered during my travels to Asia in 2008.

I recorded with an Edirol R-09 .wav recorder, using it's built-in condenser microphones, or with a small set of in-ear binaural mics.

These have been encoded to stereo MP3 at 128kbps / 44 kHz.

If you want to see images of some of these locations, I suggest visiting
Vanishing Presence
and for many more images from this trip, I recommend this beautiful book by my wife
Linda Peschong

To purchase compilations or sound art CDr releases I have made, please visit my
audio editions page.

To me field recordings are as much a description of overlaying sounds which can often be heard to relate in cyclical or even orchestral ways as in music; as well as the narratives and descriptions of place that they are.

Use the scroll bar on the right side of the player, forward the track, or click mouse on bottom of player window to access them.