1991 Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO
BFA /Graphic Design, Sociology


2006 GAP Grant (Grant for Artist Projects), Artist Trust, Seattle WA
2006 Artist Trust/Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship, Seattle WA
2000 Finalist, Seattle Art Museum Betty Bowen Award, Seattle WA


2008 / 2013 / 2017
Self-directed research and travel in Cambodia, Indonesia (Java), India, Laos, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand

2003 Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna, FL - Master Artist - Zoe Leonard

1997 Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA scholarship/multiples class - Tina Aufiero/Maria Porges

Group Exhibitions


"Bright Side", Natan Art Space / Ndalem Natan Heritage, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia
w/ Arya Pandjalu, Hendra "Blankon" Priyadhani, Laura N-Tamara, Lelyana Kurniawati,
Soni Irawan, Tomo Matsuoka, Yustoni Volunteero

"Ace Mart", Ace House, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia


"Yogya Open Studio", Have Nice Works Studio, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia
w/Tomo Matsuoka, Eddi Prabandono, Farhan Siki

"Ace Mart", Ace House, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia

"Conversation Between Two Rooms", Wangi Art Room, Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia
w/Jimi Maharkhika, Ayu Arista Murti, Linda Peschong


"Collecting Art is a Slippery Slope", Wright Exhibition Space, Seattle, WA
w/Ginny Ruffner, Jeff Koons, Allan McCollum, Gregory Jacobsen, Robert Gober, others


"Skid Road to Floating World", Floating World, Portland, OR
w/Blair Wilson, Ajax Wood Storm, CM Ruiz, Eroyn Franklin, Jason T. Miles, Jim Woodring, Kelly Froh, Martine Workman, Max Clotfelter, Scott Davis, Stacy Rozich, Stefan Gruber, Tim Miller


"Meta", Linfield Art Gallery / Linfield College, McMinnville OR curator: TJ Norris
w/ Jenevive Tatiana, PE Lang + Zimoun, John Waters, Eva Speer, Robin Rimbaud/Scanner, Jack Daws, Harrison Higgs, Nayland Blake, Stephanie Robison.


"In Resonance", Bumbershoot Arts Festival, Seattle, WA curator: Robert Millis and Fionn Meade
featuring Steve Peters and Christine Wallers, Stephen Vitiello, Marina Rosenfeld, Climax Golden Twins, Steve Roden, Jim Haynes, Toshiya Tsunoda, and Jennifer West.

"Media Archaeology", NW Film Forum, Seattle, WA; curator: Fionn Meade


Priceless Works, Seattle, WA
with Chauney Peck, Climax Golden Twins, Elise Richman

"Possessed", Western Bridge, Seattle, WA curator: Eric Fredricksen
featuring Carroll Dunham, Adam Fuss, Anna Gaskell, Shelley Jackson, Zoe Leonard, Sarah Lucas, Jason Middlebrook, Bruce Nauman, Shirin Neshat, Paul Pfeiffer, Tracey Rose, Aida Ruilova, Thomas Schutte, Cindy Sherman, Rosemarie Trockel & Carsten Holler, Fred Wilson, Sam Taylor-Wood, Nicola Vruwink, Alice Wheeler, and Andrea Zittel.

"Sound of Place/Place of Sound", Sun Valley Center for the Arts, Sun Valley, ID; curator: Jennifer Gately
featuring Olivia Block, Loren Chasse, David Dunn, Bill Fontana, Richard Lerman, Kaffe Mathews, Michael Barton Miller, Seth Nehil, Max Neuhuas, Ed Osborn, Steve Peters, Jane Philbrick, Steve Roden, Douglas Ross, and Stephen Vitiello.

Solo Visual Art Exhibitions / Installations


"Memory of Solid Sound", Beats to Bohos, Seattle, WA

"Kepala", Mortlake and Company, Seattle, WA


"RAW", Lost and Foundry Gallery, Seattle, WA


"Recent Paintings", Wall of Sound, Seattle, WA


"Horizons, Sounds and People : 2005 Thailand and Laos", Spokane Falls Community College Art Gallery, Spokane, WA


"A Small Pool of Time", Wall of Sound, Seattle, WA


"Searching For A Quiet Place: Turnbull Bay", Jack Straw New Media Gallery, Seattle, WA
"3 Weeks in North Central Florida", Western Bridge, Seattle, WA (permanent sound installation)


"extra", Howard House, Seattle, WA


"Secret Records", Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA Curator: Trevor Fairbrother
"Secret Records", "Domain", Project 416, Seattle, WA Curator : Walter Wright

Collaborative Exhibitions / Media


"Malfunction : Sentimental Ghost Is Missing" w/Brent Watanabe SOIL Art Gallery, Seattle, WA


"John Henry (Ding Dong Bell)" (sound design for Brent Watanabe video art)
Screened at Harvestworks, New York US, BoxLAND, Paris France, Neuer Standort, Vienna Austria, others


"Tornado" Deadtech, Chicago, IL w/ Tina Burton, Leslie Clague, Tyler Cufley, Paul Davies, Craig Miller, Rob Ray, (sound for sculptural installation)


"Listen For 18 Hours" w/ R. Eugene Parnell, 1999 Pacific Northwest Annual, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA Curator: Jon Tupper (interactive media cd rom)


"Sarah Chase / Jesse Paul Miller", Milky World, Seattle WA (mixed media sculptural installation with sound by Scott Colburn, Climax Golden Twins, JR, Brad Mowen)



Ha!Noise Experimental Music Night at DeN, August 19, Hanoi, Vietnam
Live field recording and video mixing from SE Asian travels in 2017


"We Are Apa Kabar (Live)", Jogja Noise Bombing, Have Nice Works Studio, National Museum, Ace House
Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia
Live music/noise/sound with Soni Irawan, Tomo Matsuoka

Seek Sick Six, ISI (Institute Seni Indonesia)
Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia
Live music/noise/sound with Soni Irawan, Tomo Matsuoka


"Jam Karet", The Josephine Performance Space, Seattle, WA

"Untitled Live Set", Gallery 1412 Performance Space, Seattle, WA

"Field Recordings from SE Asia", The Chapel Performance Space, Seattle, WA

"Liver and Bacon", Kill Space, Rebar, Funhouse, and others, Seattle, WA; (sound/performance art w/Rob Millis)

"Factums", venues in Seattle WA (including Henry Art Gallery), Portland OR, San Francisco CA, Austin TX (SXSW festival), Chicago IL; (recording project / band with Matt Ford, Dan Strack)


"Climax Golden Twins / Lepus Labs", Henry Art Gallery, Consolidated Works, OK Hotel, Jewelbox Theatre, Seattle, WA; (live film manipulation in collaboration with music group)



"Recordings from Thailand, Burma, Bali, Java, Malaysia, and Japan" Sonarchy, KEXP, Seattle, WA, US, 4.11.10


"Puega Puebo", "Gunung One" [Framework] Resonance Radio, London, UK 2.15.09, 4.12.09


"Sounds of the Seattle Underground", [The Sound Projector] Resonance Radio, London, UK 3.30.07


"Searching For A Quiet Place : Recordings of Parks and Nature Preserves in North Central Florida, 2003" [Framework] Resonance Radio, London, UK (radio broadcast)

"Fragments", [The Sound Projector] Resonance Radio, London, UK


"One Hour as Inside Out", [], Resonance Radio, London, UK

Panels, Lectures, Visiting Artist, Assistant


Panelist, Artist In Residence, Jack Straw, Seattle WA


Panelist, Artist Trust Gap Grant, Artist Trust, Seattle WA


Panelist, "Artist Residencies and Travel", w/Pat De Caro, Lead Pencil Studio, John Grade, discussion moderated by Fionn Meade, Francine Seders Gallery, Seattle WA


Guest Speaker, Contemporary Arts Council /Seattle Art Museum, Western Bridge, Seattle, WA


Visiting Artist / Lecture, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN


Visiting Artist / Lecture, University of Victoria, British Columbia


Panelist w/Elizabeth Peyton, Gavin Brown, Rochelle Steiner, discussion moderated by Trevor Fairbrother, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA

Artist Assistant, Sol LeWitt, creation of wall drawing under the direction of LeWitt's assistant Paul Hogan, Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA

Audio Releases (See "Editions")


"Excavation Series 18 : Live Radio and Street Sounds from Central Java", limited audio cassette release, Power Moves Label / Toronto, Canada


"We Are Apa Kabar", limited audio cassette release, Lokananta Label / Yogyakarta, Java, Indonesia/USA


"A Distant Invitation", limited vinyl lp release, Sublime Frequencies SF093


Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA
Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma, WA
Western Bridge, Seattle, WA